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My Story

In 2003, life was good: a healthy marriage to a man who was living his dream by starting a new ministry, four beautiful children, and a supportive family and church. I was also exhausted. Mind, spirit, and body. Everything was tired. My husband was building a church; he loved me but, as anyone who has been an entrepreneur knows, it means long hours and a lot of mental and emotional energy. My four children were all under the age of 6 and the youngest two were newborn twins. Even with family and church support, I continued to struggle with postpartum depression and my faith in God was silently crumbling within me. I felt lost, inadequate, and overwhelmed. But my family was depending on me, so I grabbed the emotional duct tape, prayed that it would hold, and pushed on in survival mode.


As a person raised in the Evangelical Christian tradition, I had no experience with yoga, but a friend invited me to attend a class in her studio, so I decided to give it a try. I think I slept through most of my first class! But I kept attending and, over time, I noticed a change. I would leave class feeling rested (thank you naps!) but also lighter and prepared to re-enter the high demands of my life. That class was the first step on my journey with yoga.


The further I journeyed on the path of yoga, the more I realized that yoga has a lot more to offer than just the experience on my mat. Interested in teaching yoga, I began to study Patanjali’s 8-Limb Path of Liberation and discovered similarities between the yoga path and my Christian path. Through my practice, unconscious and unhealthy ways of living became conscious and I discovered new freer and lighter ways of living. 


In 2005 I discovered a small community of Christians who loved yoga and loved living in the way of Jesus led by Fr. Thomas Ryan, CSP. This community, now known as Christians Practicing Yoga, welcomed me in and taught me how yoga and contemplative practices lead to inner and outer transformation, making me a more whole person who moves out into the world in freedom and love. Contemplative yoga has opened me to a more spacious understanding of my own spiritual path and given me a broader container to listen to and accompany others as they journey on their own spiritual path. 


Fast forward to the present: I’m now President of the Board of Christians Practicing Yoga. Our vision is to study, practice, and engage with others at the intersection of Yoga Philosophy and Christian Contemplation, honoring the historical origins of both. In my daily life, my kids are young adults and I’m growing my Yoga Therapy business by helping others who are experiencing exhaustion, stress, and dis-ease in their lives. I see my role as a guide, coming alongside you to support your own healing and steps toward wholeness. 

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My philosophy/ practice

I’m trained in the Phoenix Rising School of Yoga Therapy which combines aspects of yoga philosophy and practice, subtle and physical anatomy, Buddhist mindfulness practices, unconditional positive regard and client-centered dialogue, and the latest neuroscience research on the primacy of incorporating the body in the healing process.


Our first experience of life is primarily felt in the “body.” We know ourselves through the security of those who hold us and gaze upon us. It’s not heard, or seen, or thought. It’s felt. As we go through life, our bodies continue to accumulate and store our stories. To change your story, you need to connect with your body. Yoga philosophy and subtle body recognizes the importance of addressing the relationship between all the layers of our being expressed as the 5 Koshas: physical, energetic, emotional, mental (mind), and spiritual. The Buddhist practice of cultivating compassion and kindness both within the self and into the world provides the starting point. Using Carl Roger’s techniques of unconditional positive regard and non-directive, client-centered dialogue creates an environment for you to feel safe and in control of your own healing.

Each session will vary depending on your own experience, story, and desire. Together, we will work to facilitate healing within every facet of your being. During each session, I will lead you through movement, breath, meditation, and mindfulness as we dialogue, working to strengthen your mind-body-spirit connection, discover your own wisdom and truth, and receive the support you need to put your wisdom and truth into action.

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