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Creating safety for healing together

Yoga Therapy

By its very nature, Yoga Therapy IS a trauma-informed therapeutic modality since the practices of yoga, mindfulness, and contemplation primarily work to restore balance to the nervous system. Our nervous system is designed to detect threat and keep us safe.


At the most simplistic level, a healthy nervous system hums along in the safety states alternating between "active and connected" or "rest and digest". When the nervous system detects a threat it shifts gears into a more activated state to deal with the threat and then return to the rhythms of "active and connected" and "rest and digest". For the most part, moving between these various states and mobilizing when a threat is detected happens at lightening speed below our conscious awareness. Moving with ease between states is called nervous system resilience.


The various stages of the nervous system can be categorized as safe and connected, rest and digest, fight, flight, freeze and collapse. When trauma, happens (sudden or prolonged exposure), the nervous system can get dis-regulated or stuck in one or a combination of states which can trip off a cascade of dis-ease throughout all the body systems, which can show up as some of the conditions listed below. 


Bringing awareness into our bodies can help us gain insight and tools to move through the dis-ease and trauma and develop nervous system resilience. Yoga Therapy creates the space to integrate our nervous systems with the physical, energetic, emotional, mental, and spiritual parts of ourselves.

During our sessions,  we will explore yoga, mindfulness tools, and contemplative practices to help you drop into present-centered awareness to help regulate your nervous system, and gain personal insight and wisdom to help build up nervous system resiliency.

Towards the end of sessions, you are invited to sit in silence then end with dialogue to integrate your experience moving forward with your life.

I have worked with clients experiencing a variety of conditions, including but not limited to:


Depression and / or Anxiety

Hormone-related (postpartum, peri / post menopause)

Chronic pain / injury

Stress / adrenal fatigue

Auto-immune dis-regulation

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“The issues are
in the tissues.”
Yoga Therapy

In-Person and online sessions are available at the discretion of the client. In-person sessions are are held in my studio office. I provide mats, props, and a yoga wall to support your body in movement and in poses and stillness. You may bring your own mat if you prefer.


When there has been trauma stored in the body, sessions may include touch or no touch depending on your preference and comfort level. ​


I use the Zoom platform for online sessions allowing you to experience each 1-hour session in the privacy of your own home. All you need is a quiet space, a computer or smart phone, and a mat.

New client package: $150 / three 1-hr. sessions
Individual session: $75 / 1-hour session
Package price: 10% discount or purchase of multiple sessions
Contact me via email, phone for more information
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"I feel fortunate that I was given Katrina Woodworth's business card several years ago. She is very knowledgeable and caring as a yoga teacher and therapist. From time to time, I am troubled by social anxiety. Katrina has guided me to tap into the energy and wisdom in the body and feel what is going on there. She has helped me feel better and more relaxed. I enjoy the one on one yoga therapy sessions with Katrina. “
Gretchen (Yoga Therapy Client)
Katrina is a wonderful mix of teacher, mentor, therapist and friend. She customized her sessions to fit your needs, all with a patient understanding of what you might be going through. I look forward to our session every week.
Sean (Yoga Therapy Client)

Embodied Spiritual Companioning

Spiritual Direction or companioning is for spiritual seekers looking for companionship and guidance on their faith journey.

The nervous system underlies our sense of safety and connection in our faith journeys. Attachment theory helps us understand patterns of connection and disconnection with others. When we were infants, our nervous systems became patterned according to how attuned or not attuned our care givers were with us.  These patterns show up in how we relate to God as well.


Our experiences in our families of origin create the internal lenses by which we come to understand and relate to the God. We may have experienced trauma in our families or in our communities of faith which have left us feeling cut off, disillusioned, activated or angry, yet we may still have longings to connect with a deeper spiritual reality in the context of our lives. 

Embodied Spiritual Companioning is engaging in a relationship whereby together, we create a safe space for you to get in touch with and understand your nervous system and heal spiritual trauma. Furthermore you can begin to create safe and new ways to connect with God's Divine Presence in your life. 

During our sessions,  we will explore yoga, mindfulness tools, and contemplative practices to help you drop into present-centered awareness and listen deeply within your truest self to God and gain personal insight and wisdom.


Towards the end of sessions, you are invited to sit in silence then end with dialogue to integrate your experience moving forward with your life.

Reasons to meet

Seeking healing from spiritual trauma.


Understanding relationship with self, God, others, and the world.

Seeking support through seasons of hardship, doubt, and suffering.

Developing new ways and spiritual practices to connect with the Divine.

Image by Katerina Jerabkova
Embodied Spiritual Companioning
Contact me via email, phone for more information
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“Katrina has walked me through the toughest year to date. Though I don’t doubt that she saw far beyond what my heart was ready to embrace,
she so patiently and kindly endured and suffered with me. Her guidance always came at just the right time. NO DOUBT was she in touch with
the Holy Spirit’s movement and words as she walked alongside me.
I’m eternally grateful for her.”
Katie (Embodied Spiritual Companioning Client)
Group Yoga Classes

Group Yoga Classes

Yoga is about nourishing and integrating the body, mind, and spirit. Dropping into present-centered awareness in your body will help you re-connect with your truest self in the here and now.


In our group classes together, we will focus on and integrate the following:

Body – Learning postures, both Hatha and a gentle flowing-style, to ground you in your body and ease your spinning mind

Mind – Learning and incorporating intention, pranayama, mindfulness, meditation, and a final relaxation to quiet and focus the mind

Spirit – Combining these Body and Mind tools with ancient contemplative practices to re-connect you with the Divine who dwells in us through Spirit


I love teaching all levels but have a particular love of introducing people to yoga and helping people develop their own home-based practice. Since my classes are slower and restorative, I encourage students to have a yoga blanket, blocks, and a strap to use, if possible, but none of these are required. I teach both virtual and in-person class series.

Yoga Class
Bhakti Yoga: Praying with the Mystics
4-week series on Zoom
September 15, 22, 29, & October 6
Thursdays, 7:00p - 8:15p
Register Here

Bhakti means the path of loving devotion to a particular god or deity, which, it is believed, leads to salvation or nirvana. From the Sanskrit root word bhaj, meaning "to adore or worship God," bhakti forms one of the paths of yoga: Bhakti yoga. Bhakti is also sometimes described as “love for love’s sake." – taken from

Throughout history of Christianity and other religions, there have been ordinary women and men whose intense direct experience of God in prayer has magnified their love and longing for God. These are ordinary in the sense that while they spent time in extended time in prayer, they also lived in society and worked in everyday kind of jobs as poets, pastors, social workers, caretakers of the poor and sick, nuns, monks, husbands, wives, cooks, and janitors.

Their experiences of Divine presence through prayer drew them deeper into longing for loving union with God. They were also drawn deeper into awareness of their own otherness, their separation from God. Rather than driving them away, their experiences of separation intensified their longing, leading them to return over and over to prayer, and to experience more mercy, beauty and love.

“Lord, you are my lover, my longing, my flowing stream, my sun, and I am your reflection.” --Mechtild of Magdeburg

Each week, we will learn about one of these Christian mystics and weave their prayers into our yoga asana and centering prayer to awaken our own sense of presence, of love for and even union with God.

Zoom classes are donation-based.

You can decide...payment per class is between $0 - $15. If finances are tight, come for free! Yes, I mean it! I accept payment through Venmo and Paypal per class -- the links for payment can be found in the Zoom registration confirmation email. If you are interested in attending class on a monthly basis, please email me and I can set up a recurring payment plan with you.
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“Katrina is a gifted and gracious yoga teacher. Her classes and individual therapy sessions continue to bring peace and healing.”
Deb (Yoga Client)
Katrina's classes really help me with finding edge and noticing sensation. This awareness breathes compassion, and my mind, body, spirit welcome the healing.
Linda (Yoga Client)
Yoga Therapy Groups

Yoga Therapy Groups

Yoga therapy groups are 8-week Intensive therapy programs utilizing yoga and contemplative embodied practices to create an environment and experience allowing participants to gain the tools needed to harness transformation and take action in their own lives.


The structure of the weekly program includes a theme-based Phoenix Rising yoga class, meditation, facilitated group sharing, weekly home practice for participants and one silent, day-long retreat halfway through the program. Intended outcomes for participants include finding relief from stress-related symptoms, movement toward regular self-care, and greater access to one’s own wisdom as a source of guidance in daily life.

Image by Antonika Chanel
Please check back for upcoming program in spring 2022.
Details and dates to be determined.
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